Concierge Property Management

North Georgia Intendancy, led by Josh Newbern, brings over ten years of experience in property management and construction within the Appalachian region. Operating out of Jasper, GA, our approach blends the detail-oriented craftsmanship of traditional methods with modern, result-focused techniques. We are committed to building trust and ensuring reliability with each client, offering a personalized and professional experience. Our specialty lies in custom property management services, which include thorough home check-ups, skilled handyman tasks, and efficient contractor coordination and oversight. At North Georgia Intendancy, we treat your property not just as an asset, but as a valued and well-cared-for space, ensuring it receives the utmost attention and care.

Josh Newbern

Josh Newbern, leading North Georgia Intendancy, brings over a decade of expertise in construction and property management. His experience spans various roles, blending craftsmanship with modern methods in property care. Deeply rooted in his hometown, Josh’s intimate knowledge of the area’s specific property management needs stands out. His dedication to the community is reflected in his commitment to maintaining properties with the utmost attention to detail.

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