Property Management

At North Georgia Intendancy, we offer a comprehensive property management service that goes beyond mere maintenance. Our approach is deeply personalized, ensuring that every aspect of your property is managed according to your specific preferences and needs. From overseeing routine tasks to navigating complex management challenges, we provide a seamless experience that instills confidence and peace of mind, mirroring the attentive care one would give to their own home.

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Home Check-ups

Our home check-up service is the cornerstone of what we do, ensuring that your property remains secure, well-maintained, and cared for, even in your absence. With regular, scheduled inspections, you can proactively address potential issues, safeguarding your home against the unexpected. This service isn’t just about maintenance; it’s about preserving the comfort and sanctity of your home, providing an extra layer of trust and security.

Contractor coordination

The coordination of contractors can be a daunting task, but with North Georgia Intendancy, you have a reliable partner in ensuring quality and efficiency. We meticulously manage every aspect of contractor interactions, from scheduling to overseeing the work, ensuring that each job is executed to the highest standard. This service is an extension of our commitment to your home’s wellbeing, guaranteeing that every improvement and repair aligns with our shared vision of care and quality.

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Property Reports

Transparency is key in property management, and our detailed property reports offer just that. After each visit, we provide comprehensive updates that include both written and visual summaries, offering you a clear picture of your property’s condition. These reports are more than just updates; they are a testament to our commitment to keeping you informed and involved, ensuring your home is managed with the utmost diligence and care.

Third-party facilitation

Overseeing third-party services requires a keen eye and a commitment to excellence, which is precisely what we bring to the table. By providing access and supervision, we ensure that every job, whether big or small, aligns with your expectations and our high standards. This service reflects our holistic approach to home care, where every element is managed with precision and trust.

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Handyman Services

While handyman services might be common, our approach is anything but ordinary. Specializing in carpentry and general maintenance, we address each task with skill and attention to detail. Our handyman services are an integral part of our comprehensive home care philosophy, ensuring that every inch of your property, inside and out, is meticulously maintained and treated with the respect it deserves.

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